Swing, Hit, Run: Downtown Ford Teams Up With The Sacramento River Cats for Community Fun

June 12th, 2023 by


There’s nothing like the spirit of teamwork, community, and the crack of a baseball bat to welcome in a sunny Sacramento weekend! We, at Price Family Dealerships, are thrilled to announce that our very own Downtown Ford Sacramento recently partnered with Major League Baseball and MiLB’s Sacramento River Cats for an unforgettable day of play and learning for local little leaguers.

200 eager young baseball enthusiasts from our local community had the fantastic opportunity to learn directly from the pros. Players and staff from Downtown Ford and the River Cats conducted comprehensive clinics focused on throwing, running, hitting, and catching – the heart of America’s favorite pastime. River Cats’ player Jolbert Cabrera was absolutely fantastic with the kids and had a blast conducting fielding drills with the kids.


Downtown Ford’s commitment to community outreach was in full swing as children learned the essential skills of the game, all while fostering a passion for an active lifestyle. This event wasn’t just about teaching baseball. It was about instilling confidence, encouraging teamwork, and providing a platform where our young community members can shine.

Our partnership with the Sacramento River Cats, MiLB and Major League Baseball is just one of the ways Downtown Ford shows up for our community. We believe in supporting organizations that make a difference and cultivate a vibrant, active, and connected Sacramento.

It was truly a pleasure to see the smiles, hear the laughter, and watch the spirit of sportsmanship come alive on that field. We look forward to sponsoring more such events in the future, keeping our community active, engaged, and always ready to step up to the plate!